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Dark Heart Dungeon will soon be available on PC, Android, and Windows Phone

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 Darkheart Dungeon

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“The Scribe of Yarjel” is a text-based adventure set on the continent of Merra, a land comprised of feudal states mired in age-old disputes over land and resources.

While some Merrans spend their lives crafting wars and treaties, some by spilling blood, and others by tending fields, a curious few bury themselves in the task of rediscovering the mystical history of their world. Among these few are the scribes, who toil in remote monasteries, sifting through the midden heaps of words left behind in ancient Merran texts. You are such a scribe.

As ancient knowledge surfaces, the cradle of ignorance erodes. With each discovery, the Merran people find themselves increasingly exposed to a universe that terrifies the indifferent, and maddens the curious. Tools wielded by ancient hands, and arts wielded by ancient minds, threaten to catalyze the next cataclysm, but whether or not such potent remnants of the past fall into destructive hands hinges on the choices made by those who protect them. You hold the history of Merra in your hands.

Choose Wisely.

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Bump Games Inc. was founded in 2011 by four university students in Calgary, Canada. Our goal is to create innovative, narrative-driven content. We are currently developing the 'Myths of Merra' series of choose your own adventure games.